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  Ants in the Kitchen
  A Children's Poem By R. Renée Bembry
 Army Ant cartoon holding potato chip
Ever had ants in your kitchen? Even one ant can be too many. Never mind what seems like an entire army of ants crawling through your food and over your kitchen appliances. See what happens in this ant poem when ants invade this girl's kitchen.

Ants came a crawling

Crawling in the kitchen

Gave my flesh the jitters

Started my body itching


A scream came a screeching

Screeching from my mouth

People all around me

Believed I'd seen a mouse

“Mom! Mom! Mom!”

My voice finally said

“There's a gazillion ants

Treading o’er the bread

Another million ants

Are carrying away the cheese

Sheesh!  Good grief!

Ants are crawling up my knees!"


How to get rid of ants in your kitchen

Whenever you see a single ant in your kitchen, it is best not
to dismiss it simply because it is one little ant. It is best not
to think that one little ant could not do much harm. Getting
rid of ants, even when only one is present, could mean the
difference between getting rid of a solitary ant and getting
rid of thousands ants in your kitchen.

When one ant shows up, view the little bugger as a “scout
looking for food so he can tell his crew where to find it.

Ants do not appear in kitchens in streams simply because
they wake up one morning and decide to visit Nancy. They
appear all together because a scout or a few scouts hunted
your kitchen down and found foodstuff that ignited their
senses. Then they went to the nest and told their fellow
ants to “follow that scented trail!”

If you miss the scouts or you simply were unable to
prevent scouts from relaying their signals to fellow
ants... Read full article HERE



Antlions, also written as ant lions, are bugs that belong to a family of insects known as neuropteran insects. Antlions are sometimes called doodlebugs. Some kinds of baby antlion larvae live beneath dry sandy dirt and trap insects in order to eat. These antlions use the bottoms of their bodies to dig through sandy particles when building their nests. What is more is that these antlions use their nests to trap food.

When building their nests, antlions use their heads to lift particles so they can move them out of the way. Once they finish digging, they wind up with cone shaped pits. Antlions live at the bottoms of their pits. They are able to catch prey that crawl across the tops of the pits because the sand is so loose that bugs walking across it find themselves sliding downward into the holes.

While waiting to trap insects, antlions cover their bodies with sand. In order to see what is going on, however, they do not cover their heads. This way, once ants and other insects that antlions eat enter the trap, antlions are ready to toss sand at the prey causing it to continue sliding downward. Tossing sand causes the sand traps to become more slippery.

After trapping insects, antlions inject poison into them. Then antlions suck fluids from the prey until its insides dry out. Ant lions do not like to keep dried out insects in their homes, so they throw the victims out once they finish sucking them dry.

Horrible Harry Ant Invasion paperback book by Suzy Kline
Children's Book
and the Ant Invasion
by Suzy Kline
Horrible Harry

Do all ants sting?

Stinging ants can leave arms

and legs covered with small

annoying bumps. Ant stings

can also cause large painful

swells. These itty bitty

members of the Formicidae

family may be tiny but

an ant sting can pack a

powerful punch.

But does this mean

all ants sting?

Find out Here