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Polar Bears

A Poem by R. Renée Bembry


Living in icy Arctic climates, polar bears still manage to hunt to survive and to reproduce their species.


Climate changes, however, have complicated their survival tactics, causing some mothers to move further inland to build their dens at birthing time.



Building dens on land, rather than on icy table tops that have become increasingly unstable, provides assurance to mother polar bears that their dens will not cave due to ever melting snow. See a little more about Polar bears following the poem :} 


Most bears are not like Gentle Ben

Who makes a boy a loyal friend

Instead they parallel Bart the Bear

In personality and hair


Whether sauntering on all fours

Or towering tall on their hind paws

No doubt, bears are magnificent

Mere presence earns them full respect


Black bears

Brown bears

Grizzly bears

All come with special flairs to share

But the great snow white polar bear

Marvels my mind and makes me stare


Polar bears live in the snow

Icy lands of Arctic shores

They sleep

They eat

They hunt

They play

For lives as long as 12,000 days

That’s about 32 in years

They get to prey and have no fears


Thick white fur

Helps body heat

Keep Polar bears warm

In their climate

Though temperatures fall

Less than minus 58

They can still hunt and

Play and mate


Polar bear moms

Stay in their dens

When birthing time arrives

To shield the cold

From infant cubs

Giving them time to thrive


The mothers then proceed to feed

Their young and teach them to survive

Still, cubs often play with their food

As their fish flap before their eyes


Like many other predators

Bears hunt for other animals

When polar bears catch great big whales

Birds tag along to eat their share


April 22, 2012

By R. Renée Bembry

© by























A little more about polar bears...


One type of animal polar bears hunt and eat is the balooga whale. The bears seek the whales from the surface of packed ice in the Artic, for instance. Despite the fact that balooga whales can reach upwords of 1 ton, polar bears are able to catpture and to pull them from the sea. The polar bears simply wait near a hole for the whales to come to the surface and then pounce upon them.


A fascinating thing to watch, once a polar bears has succeeded in capturing a beluga whale, is how seagulls feast alongside the bears. That's right... Once a bear pulls a beluga whale from icy water and sinks its teeth below the whale skin to expose the prey's flesh, gulls gather around to enjoy fresh meaty meals along with the captor.


Polar bears, although obviously capable of dispersing the birds should they choose to do so, become too satisfied with their giant kills to concern themselves with sharing their catch. After all, one gigantic beluga whale makes for plenty of food to go around an icy table of snow above cold waters.

Jackals, as well, benefit from polar bear beluga whale kills. The jackals feast from the remains and bury leftovers in order to store it for a future meals.


Polar bear moms build dens in which to birth their young. This is contrary to what other types of mother bears do and is necessary to protect baby cubs from freezing cold weather.