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   When BedBugs Bite (Page 6)

    A Poem by R. Renée Bembry

That's right
Those sneaky little bugs
Have tricks to keep
You guessing how
One sec your skin
Looks and feels fine
The next—blotches!
That blow your mind!


Read it again!

February 11, 2011

By R.Renée Bembry

© by



Big bite from a tiny tick: Lyme disease safety tips

You are at an increased risk of contracting Lyme Disease if you spend time in grassy, brushy, or woody areas where ticks like to hang out.


The deer tick, more so than the other two bacterium carrying ticks, are ones who spread lyme disease. For this reason, you can only catch Lyme disease when one of these little buggers bites and attaches itself to your body.


The nickname 'deer tick' comes from the fact that although the buggers feed on birds, skunks, dogs, cats, and sometimes, people, the adult tick prefers deer.


If you do happen to frequent grassy, brushy, and woody areas, your risks of coming in contact with bacterium carrying ticks are greater if you travel in places like...Read the complete article HERE



Skin problems caused by swimming pools

Halogens such as bromine, potassium iodide, and chlorine are used to purify and disinfect pools and spas.

These products, however, may irritate bathers with sensitive skin.

Although any skin problem can be a nuisance, skin problems caused by halogens aren't nearly as bad as skin problems caused by bacteria found in untreated swimming water; and skin problems caused by bacteria like pseudomonas aeruginosa require medication to relieve.

These conditions include "chlorine rash" "hot tub rash" and "swimmer's itch".


Relieving cases of chemical dermatitis merely requires bathers to take breaks from halogenated waters.

Taking breaks allows the skin to...Read the full article HERE