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Betta—A Siamese Fighting Fish Poem
By R. Renée Bembry


Siamese Fighting Fish (Bettas) are as easy to take care of as goldfish. A wonderful fact about Bettas is that they come in a wide assortment of colors. Their bodies are covered with beautiful iridescent tints that sparkle and shine. Siamese Fighting Fish can be blue, green, purple, yellow, and a slew of other colors.

Bettas ~

Bettas are rather fascinating

Colorful sparkling fish

Keep well in bowls or fish tanks

Nearly any size you wish

With iridescent bright blues

Purples, yellows, reds and greens

Males even more delightful than their

Captivating queens

Tail fins and dorsal fins

Spread, expand, as well as sail

When flying in full mass

They captivate like nightingales

Attempting to breed baby fry

Their actions may surprise

For how betta fish procreate

Differs from routine rise


When breeding season

Comes along

Dad bettas build fish nests

They form the homes

With bubbles

Gluing them

With sticky mess

Nurturing fry survival

Becomes dad's only life quest

Yes, dad does all the baby care

While mom flees the birth-fest

©R. Renée Bembry



How to introduce new fish to an aquarium

Entering an aquarium for the first time can be shocking and thus incite anxiety in tropical fish. Hobbyists can minimize anxiety by "acclimating" new fish when they introduce them to an aquarium.

Acclimating fish simply means allowing them to become familiar with their new surroundings prior to releasing them into the water. Introducing new fish to an aquarium by acclimating helps them physically as well as...Read more



Should betta fish be kept in a half a gallon tank?


Is a half a gallon of water too small an amount for a fish?

Putting the question in perspective, imagine filling an empty milk jug halfway with water and then pouring that amount of water into a small fish tank or fish bowl. Would that be enough water for a small fish like a betta?

The fact is that keeping bettas in a small fish tank or

bowl makes it easy to contain these beautiful Siamese fighting fish just about anywhere. Small tanks of half a gallon size enable fish owners to keep bettas in places such as office desks, coffee tables, and kitchen counters. Hobbyists can house several bettas in small individual tanks to create medleys of fish color splashes or use separate bowls to keep males from fighting each other.

Questioning whether bettas should be kept in tanks as small as half a gallon is almost like examining the idea of keeping any fish, no matter what the breed, in manmade habitats. Fish enjoy the freedom to swim about in unlimited spans of oceans...

Read more HERE

Betta Fish Facts


Betta fish species can be separated into two

groups - mouth breeders and bubble nesters.

Male Siamese Fighting Fish, which happen

to be the most popular bettas, will be

addressed in this article.


Male betta fighting fish are more fascinating

than other bettas because they are the most

beautiful of the genus and they are known

for their ruthless fight-to-the-kill fighting

habits. Their courageous attacking tactics

are the characteristics that earned them

the nickname Siamese fighting fish. On

a lighter note, however, bettas are also

referred to as the "Jewel of the Orient"

due to the range of glorious colors

selective breeders have been able to

foster in them over the years.

Scientifically classified as Betta Splendens,
bright colored Siamese fighting fish belong
to the gourami fish family and are natives
 to Southeast Asian freshwaters...
Read full article HERE