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Poetry For Kids @ The Fun Site :}

Kids' poetry improves reading and writing skills @ My Stories And Poems. Kids read stories, write poems, take lessons, and get critiques by published children's author, R. Renée Bembry.

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Kids, did you know creating poetry makes you a better writer?

Take poetry lessons and shop safely at


Choose Only Poems you want--you ask??


That's right!! answers.


How exactly does that work? And why would you want just "a" poem?


Read on as provides simple answers to these questions.


When reading poetry books, we discover they're often filled with poems we like so much we want to read them over and over again. We also discover these books often have poems we don't like as much... The ones we sometimes skip over when reading through the book again.


That's why MyStoriesAndPoems created CHOOSE YOUR POEMS. When readers find MSAP poems they like, they can purchase them and grow a collection of their favorites. Favorite collections easily store in a box or binder ready to read at collector's whim.


But that's not all...!! MyStoriesAndPoems poetry comes on unique pages called "Designer Pages". These Designer Pages consist of designs created to coincide with MSAP Poems. This way, when you purchase MSAP poems, you get them printed on pages designed especially with the individual poems in mind.


So... there... you have it... answers to above questions. Choosing your poems at MSAP allows you to get your favorite MSAP poems printed on exclusive Designer Pages so you can grow a collection of your favorite MSAP poems.


As you manuever about this site, you will discover poems that are Theme-Story related, and Non-Theme related. All of these poems are available on Designer Pages and you can add them to your Poetry Collection.


Choosing Your Poems is easy. Learn how here.


A few words about Designer Pages...

  • As stated above, Designer Pages are Poetry Pages created by {View Samples}
  • Designs on Designer Pages are made to coincide with MSAP Poems
  • Designer Pages are durable, 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of heavyweight paper that come in complimentary sheet protectors for easy binder storage and sharing
  • MyStoriesAndPoems provides free Poetry Collection Designer Booklet Covers with Grasshopper Poem Critiques. This Cover Sheet should be used as a colorful cover for Poetry Page storage. View Cover Sheet.







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Alien Baby

Photo & Poem


Barbie Backpack

Pencils, paper, ruler


My Little Pony

Paint N Play


Barbie Ballerinas

& Fairies

Wizard Puzzle

500 Piece Glow N Dark


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