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Poetry For Kids @ The Fun Site :}

Kids' poetry improves reading and writing skills @ My Stories And Poems. Kids read stories, write poems, take lessons, and get critiques by published children's author, R. Renée Bembry.

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Online Poetry-Writing Contests for Educators engage students in the natural need to grow competitively.

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Classroom Poetry Workshops


Kite Paper Airplane Craft

3-Year-Olds Can Make

Read it HERE



The fact that poetry-writing may be unfamiliar to students in any given classroom simplifies placing participants on level playing fields. This levelness can be exploited by teachers requesting shows of hands representing students who have and students who have not participated in poetry-writing events before. The levelness may also be detected by students questioning one another following contest assignment.


So... As they say... Let the competition begin!



How exactly do these contests work?


In conducting classroom poetry-writing contests, MyStoriesAndPoems... 

  1. Submits Theme-Stories for you and your students to read and discuss {More Theme-Story information and Synopses of current Theme-Stories maybe found at the bottom of this page}
  2. Critiques poems your students write in relation to the materials
  3. Returns critiqued poems to you for student re-writes
  4. Critiques poems a second time following your resubmission of re-written work
  5. Selects 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place contest winners
  6. Submits Winning and Participatory Certificates to you to distribute to your students
  7. Submits Ribbons to you for contest winners


Educator roles in poetry-writing contests with MyStoriesAndPoems consist of...

  1. Requesting contests
  2. Reviewing contest reading material {Theme-Stories} with their students
  3. Assigning poetry-writing tasks
  4. Forwarding poems to MSAP via email
  5. Printing and returning poems to students once critiques are received from MSAP
  6. Forwarding re-written student poems to MSAP
  7. Presenting Awards to students
  8. At individual discretion, educators may celebrate contest completion and award presentation with cupcakes and punch!


How much does MSAP charge for poetry-writing contests?

Sample MSAP Author, R. Renee Bembry, poems may be found throughout this site and at her first website

The Home Page at this site displays a wonderful example of her ablity to transform simple poems which attests to her poetic ability.

Her poem, "My Shoes", found at is presently being used by as a teaching tool for that program.

About the Author

Questions Asked A Lot


MyStoriesAndPoems understands that keeping costs within their budgets is a must for educators. This is why Classroom Poetry-Writing Contests are conducted online unless educators requestsotherwise. So, let's address the cost question by pinpointing materials and labor associated with conducting classroom contests. 

1. Coducting contests online eliminates costs associated with packaging and shipping. With these fees eliminated, MSAP is able to conduct contests with minimal startup costs.

2. Evaluating student poetry, however, is time consuming. MSAP prepares critques, such as you may view HERE, for each student poem. For a class of 20 - 30 students, this process easily takes a few hours.

3. All students participating in MSAP Classroom Contests receive Certificates. Winners also receive Ribbons.  MSAP  normally sends these items through the US Postal Service. However, educators wishing to print student Certificates themselves may

reduce printing, packaging and mailing costs to fees associated with shipping winner ribbons. In these cases, MSAP prepares Certificates and forwards them via email to teachers. Combining small classes may also aid in keeping fees low.


4.In short, depending on how many students participate in a Classroom Contest as outlined

in "Options" below, fees run approximately $5.00 to $12.00 per student.



$50 Rebates currently in effect to help educators keep costs down... :}


Options are as follows--


Class of 20 - 25 Students - MSAP prints Certificates - $231  $181


Class of 20 - 25 Students - Educator prints Certificates - $150  $100  


Class of 26 - 30 Students - MSAP prints Certificates - $252 $202


Class of 26 - 30 Students - Educator prints Certificates - $164  $114 


Class of 31 - 35 Students - MSAP prints Certificates - $274  $224 


Class of 31 - 35 Students - Educator prints Certificates - $178  $128 


Class of 36 - 40 Students - MSAP prints Certificates - $298$248 


Class of 36 - 40 Students - Educator prints Certificates - $202  $152 


Classes of 41 or more Students Contact


Remember... Fees may be reduced by combining small classes.


Please direct questions or concerns to

or (951) 662-6873 - to leave a call-back message.


Thank you 





In-class poetry contests apply to educators whose classes are within thirty miles of only. Please email for distance information


Review Synopsis Titles and then Select Desired Title when Ordering

Click Titles to view Synopses



Camera Snapping Revenge




I Went to School Hungry



But... It was My Birthday



 One Slice Left


Super Heroine Mom




 Wet the Bed




Reckless Ruby


Happy Valentine's Day...

Theme-Stories explained - - R. Renee Bembry writes Theme-Stories in open-ended fashion in order to provoke student thought and promote problem solving skills. These open-ended tales are written in straigt forward fashion to incite readers at varying reading levels.


Theme-Stories written for grade 2 are also written at 3rd thru 6th grade levels. Story text, however, is adjusted to accomodate students' differing reading abilities.


Although this program is intended for 2nd through 6th grade students, excelling younger students may also benefit from the program and older students can participate by entering "open participant" contests for MyStoriesAndPoems' Members. Membership Information may be found