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Kids' poetry improves reading and writing skills @ My Stories And Poems. Kids read stories, write poems, take lessons, and get critiques by published children's author, R. Renée Bembry.

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How to Help Kids be Smart at School and Giving Good Grade Incentive Awards

by R. Renée Bembry

Teaching kids, at home, during their youngest years and continuing to educate them, at home, as they grow is the best way to help kids get good grades in school. When children learn at early ages that education is an important part of life and that parents and guardians expect them to do their best, they tend to embed these facts into their lives.

Teaching children to sing ABCs as well as how to count can go a long way for helping kids get good grades in school. This is because knowing the alphabet and how to recite numbers gives preschoolers and kindergarteners head starts on their learning careers. Children can get much better head starts, however, when parents and caregivers expose them to other than typical forms of information.

Parents and caregivers can easily expose kids to other types of information by talking with them about things they do, places they go, and items they see on a daily basis. By doing so, adults give children opportunities to become more “well-rounded” and help kids learn new things that prove useful in school.

Well-rounded kids tend to know more about subjects than children lacking the same exposure do. This places well-rounded kids at the head of the class when teachers present “new” subject matter. This is because “new” subject matter may not be so new to well-rounded children. This, in turn, means well-rounded children are likely to feel more at ease with the new material than children with no previous exposure are. Embracing material and taking it to more advanced levels comes easier to children when they already have subject matter foundations.

What this means is that discovering ways how to help kids get good grades in school is simple and just about anyone can help kids along their educational journeys. Herein lays helpful suggestions to get you started helping kids get good grades.

• Talk And Sing To Children While They Are Babies

In the beginning, when children are but babies, help them by talking and singing to them. Reading books aloud for babies works well because it fills in blanks of what to say next. Playing children-oriented music also works well to stimulate young minds.

The beginning stages of talking, reading, playing music, and so forth, set foundations for teaching children the alphabet as well as how to count. Learning the alphabet and learning how to count sets the stage for learning to read, write, and compute numbers.

• Introduce Children To Educational Programs – Television And Computer

As babies get older and begin to watch things more, turning on educational kids programs as well as playing computer games is most excellent in smartening babies up and preparing them to get good grades in school. This is because just about any educational input plays to infants’ natural desires to absorb and to learn new material.

• Play With Toys And Teach Kids Facts Beyond The Obvious

Participating in child's play using toys such as building blocks, donuts, shapes, magnetic numbers and letters, are great ways to help kids get good grades in school. While playing together, point out concepts that may not appear obvious. For example, make colors, shapes, and counting a part of the game when playing with plastic donuts. Thus, when toddlers play with multi sized donuts, rather than expressing joy only when they order shapes from largest to smallest on a prong; teach them the colors of the donuts. Teach them to verbalize which donuts are bigger and which are smaller.

• Teach Kids To Read, To Write, To Count, To Add, And To Subtract

Helping kids learn how to read and how to write at home helps them get good grades in school. Bookstores, as well as department stores, super markets, and many other places, including online sources with children paraphernalia carry all kinds of books that help children learn to form letters as well as numbers. Many of these materials have little blurbs to read and numbers to add. Parents and caregivers obtaining these materials, and then proceeding to work with and encourage children to master material concepts, lead the way for helping kids get good grades in school.

• Let Children Help With Shopping

When shopping, allow children to help collect the goods, rather than run about the aisles, or sit in the cart doing nothing. When children begin reading, encourage them to read, at least, the big letters on items selected for purchase. Let them look at and recite numbers that tell how much things cost. Let them count fruits and vegetables such as apples and tomatoes, place them in the plastic bags, and then weigh them. These actions will carry over to word problems with fractions they will come across later on at school.

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