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Kids' poetry improves reading and writing skills @ My Stories And Poems. Kids read stories, write poems, take lessons, and get critiques by published children's author, R. Renée Bembry.

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How to Help Kids be Smart at School and Giving Good Grade Incentive Awards

by R. Renée Bembry


• Let Children Garden

Gardeners can help kids get good grades in school by allowing them to help in the garden. Start by allowing them to shop for plants and other gardening supplies from soil to seeds to plantings. Allow them to help prepare soil, embed seeds and plantings, water plants, and pull weeds. This teaches kids about gardening. Many kindergarten teachers give their classes gardening lessons, and in fact, some grade schools allocate schoolyard space for class gardening purposes. This means children learning about gardening at home gain foundations they may well be able to apply at school.

• Teach Children Other Types Of Skills

Parents and caregivers taking kids boating can teach them about the world of boats and or ships. Teaching kids about boats helps them a lot more than simply giving them a boat ride. Tell them about captains and crews and boat parts - mast, deck, stern, and bow for examples. When they study about the Mayflower or read other stories about boats or ships, they will be familiar with boating concepts that lie well beyond simply riding boats, playing with boats, or looking at boats - on television for example.

Teach children about the water as well. If they are traveling on a lake, school them on differences between lakes and oceans, types of animals living in the water, as well as birds flying overhead for examples. When they study bodies of water at school, they will have foundations from which to draw and relate information.

• Give School Kids Quiet Study Areas

When kids are actually in school, give them quiet places to do their homework. Whenever possible, have them complete homework on a regular schedule, preferably before going out to play, and most certainly, before they begin to tire. In addition to checking their homework and providing help where needed, check their schoolwork to make sure they stay on track and that they understand concepts teachers present to them in class.

• Make Certain Children Understand Textbook Usage

Make sure kids understand how to use textbook aides, such as bold text, glossaries, guide words, follow up questions, and math examples; and then make sure they actually “use” the aides when they need them. Sometimes, children skip textbook aides because they view the aides as “extra” work. The fact is, however, aides may be extra when kids really do not need them, however, they could mean the difference between good grades and bad grades when children do need them.

• Have Children Make Flashcards To Help With Memorization Skills

Show children how to make flashcards to help them memorize multiplication and division math facts. Flash cards work great for remembering names, dates, and places of events when studying social studies. Flash cards can assist kids at retaining scientific concepts as well.

When vying to help kids get good grades in school, it is important to expect that kids, at times, may need extra help or additional encouragement and motivation. Parents and caregivers can help children in these instances by providing them with good grade incentives. Should children fall behind, adults should work with teachers to get kids back on track and then make every effort to help kids stay on track.

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