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Poetry For Kids @ The Fun Site :}

Kids' poetry improves reading and writing skills @ My Stories And Poems. Kids read stories, write poems, take lessons, and get critiques by published children's author, R. Renée Bembry.

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***Poetry Contests for Kids 6 to 16 and younger...***


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Children's Poetry Contests

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These Contests are Currently on Hold...




WELCOME to...'s Poetry Contests for Kids


An important note ---{: kid's poetry contests no longer require membership! :}







Explorer Question

What was Pilgrim life like?

Answer:  Pilgrims believed in making

their own way in life.

The men in the first

group of settlers were carpenters, printers, servants, mariners,

silk dyers, wool carders, tailors, merchants,

and... Read more HERE.

The current contest theme is...


"I like my teacher because..." Young poets... Although MSAP contests no longer require membership for entrants to participate, the following rules must be considered when submitting poems:

  1. Unless otherwise noted, all MSAP online poetry contests are for kids ages 5 - 16 years old.
  2. ALL contest entries must be submitted by leaving a comment in the contest blog
  3. All entrants must write poems about the current contest theme for each contest they enter
  4. Only one contest poem is allowed per entrant per contest
  5. Kids under 13 years of age must get an adult's permiss
  6. ion and assistance for entering MSAP contests
  7. Although MSAP contests no longer require entrants to be members of this site to participate, this contest must receive a minimum of 50 entrants to be considered complete in order to disburse a prize
  8. Entrants must submit poems to one of the following age groups: 5 through 8 years old, 9 through 12 years old, or 13 through 16 years old

Items on this page are sample prizes...

Current prize selection may differ...

See Prize Selection Page for current prizes offerings.

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Contest Theme


"I like my teacher because...."


This means your poem must discuss something about your father. This could include a drawing you made or colored; a story you read, a video you watched, or anything you wish that discusses your dad.


Contest Entry Due Date - January 31, 2013-  Now get writing and submitting those poems!

ALL CONTESTANTS!! Read and follow contest rules or have someone read and explain them to you. Not following contest rules is grounds for disqualification! reserves the right to disqualify any poem entry or entrant deemed to not follow the rules.


Members... Remember that in addition to writing, submitting, and posting contest poems, you can start or continue poetry lessons, get poems critiqued, setup poetry collection booklets, and add poetry pages to your collections. Click a colorful box at the top of this page to enhance your experience.


Young poets, it's easy to compete with your friends in poetry contests.  Just tell your friends and classmates to write and submit their poems :}  Then you'll know some of the contestants you are competing against! 


Contest Rules - Additional information you need to know about the contest.


- Poems must be written about current poetry contest themes for which contestants enter poems.


- Contest poems must be submitted through the Poetry Blog according to your age.


Second and Third Place winners receive three free poetry critiques.


See Contest Prizes Page for prize details.






Poem Lengths - How long your contest poem should be?


Entries for Category A must be at least four but not more than twelve lines long.


Entries for Categories B and C must be at least eight but not more than twenty lines long.


All valid entries receive free critiques and are subject to display on sister site

{See Rules}




Entry Deadline - When you must submit your poem to qualify for a prize.


Contest Entries must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time on the current contest due date.


Deadlines are based on USA Pacific Time. So don't wait... Don't miss your chance to win!!


As always, MSAP will not respond to submissions that are foul, demeaning, or derogatory.






Notes to Parents


(1) Please see the Critiques Page for poetry critique and display rules and for other information regarding MSAP critiques.


(2) It is of utmost importance that young authors write contest poems for hemselves, using their own words, and that said poems are submitted to without edits performed by anyone other than the young authors.


(3) strictly adheres to to its contest rules. Any and all poems entered into contests that appear not to follow the rules will be disqualified.


Prize Upgrades - Not Applicable to Contests with Multi-Prize Options.


When Prize Upgrades Apply - Prize winning contestants receive emails from granting them chances to take prizes they selected when entering contests or placing their prizes on hold while trying to win higher level prizes. Prizes placed on hold will remain on hold until one of the following occurs: (1) winning contestants decide to accept their prizes rather than competing to win higher level prizes or (2) winning contestants enter three more contests but do not win either of those three contests. Once (1) or (2) occurs, MSAP will forward the prizes winning contestants initially requested.


Winning contestants who manage to win a second contest while their prizes are on hold receive the higher level prize. When entering contests while prizes are on hold, contestants must include which upgraded prize they wish to receive with poetry entry. When trying to upgrade prizes, contestants must not request prizes from non-upgraded prize categories. 






Kids'...Don't forget to tell your friends to join

Compete with them for contest prizes to see who's the best poet!!



 poetry contests are available to individual classrooms.


To compete against your classmates only, ask your teacher to read the classroom contests details.


Your teacher can find the details by clicking HERE.


Contest PRIZES

This Poetry Contest may consists of rule changes.


Please read rules carefully.


If you have questions, please post them at the

Poetry Blog so others may be able to read your

questions and MSAP responses.

This is a Contest Blog link :}


MyStoriesAndPoems has added a "Choose Your Prize"

feature to its contests. This simply means that when

entering MSAP contests, poets may include their prize

preference in the Blog with their contest poem entry.


Prizes may change from one contest to another; however,

prizes may be offered more than once to give young poets

more than one chance to win their favorite items.


Contestants choose prizes from Contest Prize Page HERE.


Submit prize choice with contest poem entry or select prize

after first place winners are notified.


Prizes may be eliminated once winners make choices after

each contest end date. Therefore, contestants should have

 more than one prize choice in mind when they enter

contests in case two or more contests overlap.


{Parents... Prizes are not intended for

children under four years old.} reserves the

right to cancel any contest receiving less

than the stated number of entries for any

contest period.


MSAP Members will receive a one month

Membership Extension as compensation for any contest

 cancellation for which he or she submitted an entry.

Contests do not include entries from outside United States.


Contest rules subject to change at MSAP discretion. MSAP

 reserves the right to edit winner poems in order to adjust

 misspellings, improper grammar, and smoothe poetic

 effect to winner cards, when applicable. MSAP will

perform said alterations at its sole discretion.

Newsletter Sign-up

Keep up with upcoming

contests, new poetry posts,

and other MSAP updates







Contest categories are

no longer required.


Poem entries will be

judged by the age

of each entrant and

then a determination

will be made as to

which age group

leader submitted

the best poem using

special MSAP criteria.




You choose the prize

and you may include

your prize choice with your

contest poem entry or wait

until after the contest and

choose a prize if you win.



 Also include with your

contest poem entry - your

age, and your name.



 Although contests will

be judged according to

entrant ages, there

is no age requirement

for selecting prizes.