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How to Make A Kite Paper Airplane

by R. Renée Bembry

Kite paper airplanes are fun and easy to make. They're so simple in fact three-year-olds could make them. The only materials required for kite paper airplanes are sheets of paper and attentive fingers. For added craft like touches, however, you can draw on or color plain white paper before making the kites. Both sides of the paper may be decorated. If you want your decorations to look a certain way on your kite wings, however, it might be better to wait till after folding to add decorations. Another thing you can do is use construction paper or some other type of paper that's already colorful or otherwise decorative.

Paper kite airplanes might look a little strange when they're completed. They look so simple when you finish folding them, in fact, thoughts may instantly pop into your head about the ability of the kite. When you hold it by the centerfold and fly one, however, all your questions will be quieted. If you've folded your kite correctly, you'll be completely amazed at its flying ability.

Here's what to do - Paper kite airplanes can be made using whatever size sheet of paper you have available. If you want a big kite use a large sheet of paper like so:

Step One

Place your paper on a hard surface in a vertical position meaning it should be lying the long way in front of you. Starting at the very top of the paper, fold over a section that should be approximately one inch short. This fold should be made from left to right straight across the top of the paper. Now your paper should simply look like a piece of paper that has one fold at the top. If it does, repeat the folding over process until you have eight folds in all. When eight folds are completed you should be about halfway down the length of the paper. If you are halfway down the paper go on to step two. If you are way down the paper or way up the paper, unfold the paper and try again.

Step Two

Flip the paper over so that the folds are on the table. Now fold the paper in half. This fold should pass through the folds of eight. It might be a little difficult getting through the thickness of the eight folds. Just press and squeeze as firmly as you can and keep your creases straight.

Step Three

By folding the paper in half, you have made two wings. Now you must make the body of the plane. To do this, fold one wing over about an inch or so from the center fold you made in step two. Repeat this step for the opposite wing. Now your kite should have a v-shaped fold in the center and all folds should be facing downward - in the same direction as the v-shape. The v-shape is the body.

If all looks well, grasp the body of the kite and with the fold aiming toward the front sail your creation through the air. For best results, angle the head in an upward angle when you throw it.

When making this kite paper airplane, be sure to crease all folds as even and as tight as you can get them. When using smaller sheets of paper - say computer paper size - make folds about one half inch rather than an inch. This is a good craft for preschools, rainy days, and just to spruce up anyone's day.


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