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Kids' poetry improves reading and writing skills @ My Stories And Poems. Kids read stories, write poems, take lessons, and get critiques by published children's author, R. Renée Bembry.

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MSAP Online Poetry Workshops




As with in person workshops, the purpose of MSAP Online Workshops is to

MyStoriesAndPoems' Workshops are designed to take place in classrooms and online. View classroom info HERE.

provide students an alternate form of classroom creativity and to provide

students with treasurable tangible end products. The same types of end products offered during in-house presentations are available for online sessions. End products consist of Classroom Poetry Booklets, Individual Student Designer Pages, and Poetry Enhanced Crafts. The methods in which online workshops are conducted for each end product are detailed below. This Program is also great for Troops such as Girl Scouts looking to

earn Writing Badges and other writing groups looking to add more versatility to their gatherings.


 provided with each Workshop Option. Click HERE to view Materials


{Click Methods for more fee details}


Method 1 - Class Poetry Booklets

Teachers go over the materials with students and assign required workshop associated poetry-writing homework. 

Homework poems are emailed to for evaluation. Works are critiqued and emailed back to teachers.


Students rewrite their poems using MSAP critiques to guide them.


Teachers email rewritten work to MSAP for insertion in corresponding Designer Pages.

See Poetry Booklet Slide Show HERE


Each child's poem is inserted in a seperate Designer Page.


Class Poetry Booklets are produced using each student's Designer Page. {See Booklet Sample Details}


Booklets contain a Table of Contents that allows students to easily locate the page their poem is on.


Some materials directly associated with related poetry-writing assignments and two autograph pages

are also included in booklets.


Teachers receive a copy of their classes' booklet for free!




Method 2 - Individual Poetry Pages

Workshops are conducted the same as for Method 1.

The only difference between Methods 1 and 2 is the end product.


End products for Method 2 consist of Individual Poetry Pages.

This means each student receives only his or her own poem set in a single Designer Page.



Method 3 - Poetry Enhanced Crafts       


 Craft Workshops are conducted in the same manner as Designer Page Workshops {Methods 1 and 2}.


The difference between Craft Workshops and Workshop Methods 1 and 2 is the end product.

Craft end products are determined by teacher preference. In other words, teachers review

sample MSAP crafts and select the one(s) they want their students to assemble with their poems.


MSAP embeds student poems in Designer Pages and mails the pages along with associated craft

materials and assembly instructions to teachers.

Teachers utilize MSAP instructions to direct their students through craft assemblage.


Enter Craft Page

Method 4 - Ongoing Poetry Workshops


            The purpose of Ongoing Workshops is to provide students with long-term poetry-writing experiences.

Ongoing Workshops are conducted for a minimum of four weeks.


Teachers are expected to submit {via email} two sets of student poems per week for a total of eight poetry

submissions per student.

MSAP evaluates student poems and provides critiques for each.


Following the eighth critique, teachers submit each student's best/favorite poem to MSAP for insertion in

Memory Booklets, Individual Designer Pages, or Poetry Enhanced Crafts.


All other workshop end product criteria is the same as for Methods 1, 2, and 3 above - teacher selects desired Method.


View Grasshopper Story Lesson HERE

For more information contact


Thank you.