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Kids' poetry improves reading and writing skills @ My Stories And Poems. Kids read stories, write poems, take lessons, and get critiques by published children's author, R. Renée Bembry.

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Poetry Idea Suggestion Guide

Educator's Corner



Come in please...

In order to write about a subject, a writer has to have information about the subject. Silly Mommy has provided
the following list of ideas almost everyone is familiar with to help aspiring poets remain in the writing mode.

Let this list of poetry ideas give you a boost when you get writer's block {can't think of anything to write about}.
Don't worry. It happens to every writer from time to time.

Kids' Poetry Contests
See them HERE :}

Easy Ideas...

Alien Baby

Photo & Poem

Hair— What kind of hair do you have? What color is it? Do you like your hair? Do wish your hair were like someone else’s hair? How long is it? How often do you have it cut?

School— What grade are you in? Do you like school? How do you get there? What’s your favorite subject? What’s your least favorite subject? Do you like P.E.?

Cafeteria Food— Do you take lunch or eat cafeteria food? Do you like cafeteria food?

Teachers— Who is your favorite teacher? Have all your teachers been nice? Do you like male or
female teachers better? Have you ever given a teacher a gift? — Why?

Friends— How many friends do you have? Who is your best friend? What kinds of things do you like to do with your friends? Do they help you with your problems?

Cats— Do you like cats? Why? Are you allergic to them? Do you have any? Do they sleep on your bed? Do you know when they want something? How do you know?

Dogs— Do you like dogs? Why? Are you allergic to them? Do you have any? What kind? Have you ever adopted one from a shelter? Do you let your dog sleep on your bed?


A Zoo— Have you ever been to a zoo? What did you like most about your visit? What was your favorite animal?

An Amusement Park— Do you like roller coasters? Do you ride them even though the make you
feel afraid? Do you eat cotton candy while waiting in line to get on ride? What’s your favorite thing about an amusement park?

Sports— What’s your favorite sport? Are you good at sports? Have you ever played on a team?
What position did you play? What do you like to do after a game?

Playing Games— What kind of games do you like? Board games? Mind or guessing games? Outside games? Video games? T.V. game shows?

Flowers— What’s your favorite? Do you give your mom flowers? Do you like to draw pictures of flowers or color them in coloring books?

Colors— What’s your favorite color? Why do you think it is better than other colors? Do you wear clothes that are this color?

Trees— What do you like about trees? Do you have any in your yard? Can you climb them? Do they grow fruit? Do they give you shade on a hot summer day?

Sunshine— How do you feel when it warms you? Do you ever get sunburn?

Stars— Do you like to watch them at night? Can you see them through your bedroom window? Can you find the North Star? What do you like about stars? Does your teacher put stars on your papers at school?

Darkness— How does it feel to be alone in the dark? If it frightens you, what do you do?

Getting Up in the Morning— Do you get up early? Are you cranky when you get up?

Brushing Your Teeth— Do you like tangy toothpaste? Does toothpaste get all over your mouth when
you brush your teeth? Does your mom have to remind you to brush your teeth?

Going to a Dentist— Is going to a dentist scary? Do you like stretching out on the dentist’s chair? Is it hard keeping your mouth open for examination? Have you ever had a cavity?

Braces— Do you wear braces? What color are they? Are you glad you’re having your teeth fixed? What do your friends say about them? Do you have friends with braces? What do you think about theirs?

Your Room— What size is it? Do you share? Is it messy or neat? Do you keep your bed made? Is it decorated?

Television— Do you watch television a lot? What’s your favorite program? Do you get mad if you miss

Cartoons— What’s your favorite? How do you compare it to other cartoons?

Movie Theaters— Do you go to the movies? How often? Who takes you? Do you eat lots of popcorn and
candy while you watch a movie?

Your Parents— Do you have the best parents? Do they make you do chores and homework? What do
you think is special about them?

Laundry— Do you help with washing and folding and putting away clothes? What do you think about it?

Favorite Toy— What’s your favorite toy? Have you had it for a long time? Do you keep it in a special
place? Can others play with it?

Collections— Do you like to collect things like rocks, stamps, coins, dolls, miniature cars, etc? What do
you collect and how do you organize it?

Holidays— Do you spend major holidays with family members? Do you spend time with friends on these
special days? What do you do on a particular holiday?

Always remember, the more you write, the better writer you become...

Don't forget to let Silly Mommy critique your poems to help you improve;}


Go here to learn how to earn Free Critiques.


February - the month of love - is also Black History Month

Read and Print R. Renée Bembry's article, "Why Black History Month is Important".

In 1926 Dr. Carter G. Woodson, an African American author, scholar, founder of the Journal of Negro History, the Associated Publishers, the Negro History Bulletin, and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History established the second week in February as "Negro History Week" in celebration of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln's birthdays... Read Full Article HERE



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