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Kids' poetry improves reading and writing skills @ My Stories And Poems. Kids read stories, write poems, take lessons, and get critiques by published children's author, R. Renée Bembry.

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Valentine's Day Hear and Roses Card
"Heart of Roses"

Valentine Card Roses in Heart Box
Happy Valentine's Day!
Roses embedded inside a colorful heart makes this beautiful Valentine's card an exquisite choice. Words of love adorn the card inside and out in happy lettering that match the coloring of the delicate red rose petals.
This card is derived from an original
photograph taken by writer and webmaster R. Renée Bembry;
and the inside card verse is her creation as well.
Card Text...
The outside of the card reads:
"Happy Valentine's Day" in a loop that repeats upwards and downwards.
The inside of the card reads:
"Whether you are near or far, I love you for the rose you are. Never ever change your ways. You're just too beautiful to change."
Demensions and Quality
Height = 5" x 7"
Mount = Durable stock paper
White card envelope included


Hoola Kid IconTake both items in a gift set!

Heart Necklace and Earring Set

Heart and Flower Valentine Card






















Valentine's Day Flower Box of Roses Design

Outside card...



Valentine Card Love You Near of Far

Inside card...



 Heart Necklace with 14 Pairs of Earrings

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Heart Necklace Plus Earrings with Butterflies, Hearts, Moons, Stars and More