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Kids' poetry improves reading and writing skills @ My Stories And Poems. Kids read stories, write poems, take lessons, and get critiques by published children's author, R. Renée Bembry.

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Video Games Keep Kids Occupied while Helping them Become Smarter

by R. Renée Bembry

From Pac Man and Asteroids of yesterday to the line of Crash Bandicoots and Pokémon games of today, video games are good for kids because they teach an array of skills that aid success.

Kids sitting in back seats with nothing to do but wait for drivers to reach destinations often ask, “Are we there yet?” The children’s driver could be in the middle a four-lane freeway surrounded by traffic or coasting down a winding road in the middle of a forest and the kids will still want to know if they are “there yet”.

Of course, drivers could incorporate songs and road games into long drives to help time pass quicker. The problem with this is that some children abruptly lose interest in these activities. What is more is that sometimes kids simply do not care to play road games or sing songs in the first place. To counter this dilemma, perceptive drivers could plop video games in child passenger laps prior to taking off.

No doubt exists that allowing children to play video games for hours on end, as a rule, may not be the best way to raise kids. Bending rules in order to keep kids occupied during long trips, however, could be lifesaving for parents as well as for kids. Video games can easily hold youngsters attention for hours and prevent them from asking that dreaded question.

Moreover, despite slanted complaints that crop up now and again re children spending too much time playing video games, there are several realistic reasons why video games are actually good for kids.

Concentration is one of the first skills children must master when playing video games. As children improve their ability to concentrate, they become more capable of accomplishing skills required to complete the games they play. This ability to concentrate could likely transcend gaming and enter their ability to concentrate on schoolwork.

Whereas The Learning Companies’ line of Reader Rabbit games teach children how to master reading by encouraging phonics, word recognition, and spelling, the games also assist kids with number recognition and basic math skills.

Humongous Entertainment’s Freddie Fish, Pajama Sam, and Spy Fox games help children improve their sense of direction by requiring them to read and follow maps in order to get from one place in the games to another place. Children must gather clues, solve puzzles, and in some cases utilize latitude and longitude coordinates in order to complete their tasks.

Video games require children to improve their memorization skills because kids must remember what they did when accomplishing tasks so that the next time they come upon those tasks or similar feats, they will be able to conquer the challenge.

Hand-eye coordination is necessary when playing video games because children must be able to work keyboards or controllers while gaming. If they are constantly looking at the game controls, they will miss what is happening on the screen. Therefore, their hands must work in conjunction with their eyes so that they can learn and improve their game.

Most children seem to be born with a degree of competitiveness that grows when playing video games. Just as with any other game, gamers want to win. This is as true for kids as it is for adults.

Although children want to win, they also must learn good sportsmanship. When playing video games, they learn to accept that no one can win all of the time. They come to understand that they could be beat by the game’s computer or by other players. They also come to accept that they will need to work hard if they want to improve their skills so that they may become more competitive.

Educational games such as Nintendo’s Animal Crossing teach kids the importance as well as the interrelation between work and success. In Animal Crossing, for example, players must work by helping their neighbors in order to pay their mortgages and furnish their homes. While working children perform tasks such as fishing, collecting insects, and gathering fossils. They must choose whether to keep items they collect, sell them, or donate them to a museum. The fish, insects, fossils, and similar collectibles look realistic and the game reveals their names when they are collected.

Another great reason why Animal Crossing video games are good for kids is that children receive and send mail. They must read mail from their mailboxes. They can also write letters and mail them at the post office.

When it is all said and done, video games are good for kids because they keep them occupied, teach them educational skills, improves their competiveness, and even helps them learn how to deal with stress. After all, they must learn to relax if they want to master games and outdo their competitors. In addition, kids do not need to be sitting in vehicles to play video games. They can play them just about anywhere, and thus, they can learn wherever they go.


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