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Wanna Ride A Pony?

A Children's Poem  By R. Renée Bembry

Ponies are so loveable with their long swaying tails, plush wavy manes, and fur covered hooves. No

wonder why kids blush at the site of them and cannot wait for their turn when it comes to pony rides.

Then, of course, pony rides are fun for grown ups too! :}



Wanna ride a pony

Whose mane is soft and long

Wanna ride a pony

Or how 'bout playing pong

Wanna ride a pony

Oh! This sounds like a song

Wanna ride a pony

With ponies - can't go wrong

Galloping legs

Clanking hoops

Fluffy tail

Hair in poufs


Straddle its saddle

Sit to one side

Either way

Makes a great ride


Large wide eyes

Ears short size

Mouth and teeth

That could eat pies


Pies of wheat

Pies of ryes

Pies tasty

To pony guys


Wanna ride a pony

Wanna hear it neigh

Wanna ride a pony

If neigh is what they say


Wanna ride a pony

Wanna feel it trot

Wanna ride a pony

If trotting is its plot


Wanna ride a pony

Wanna feel him speed

Even if he paces

Right through a stampede

Wanna ride a pony

Wanna do some tricks

Promise to hold tight

Her feet do high kicks


Wanna ride a pony

That's all I wanna know

Wanna ride a pony

Okay! Let's go!

© R.Renée Bembry

February 2011















Ride Your Pony Video

Lee Dorsey